Originally published in 1952, this book provides a detailed critical analysis of 40 German lyrics. All the poems analysed are reprinted in full, so that criticism may be checked by reference to the original text. The book therefore provides a unique introduction to German poetry from the Age of Enlightenment to that of Rilke, without burdening the reader with too much details about minor figures.

1. Approaching the German Lyric 2. The Lyric Poetry of the Aufklärung 3 Klopstock and the ‘Göttinger Hain’ 4. Goethe 5. Schiller 6. Hölderlin 7. The Romantics 8. Heine and Platen 9. Poetic Realism 10. Munich Interlude and Naturalist Reaction 11. Chaos and Control 12. Rilke. Conclusion. Biographical Notes. Select Bibliography. Index. Index First Lines.