This pioneering work equips you with the skills needed to create and design powerful stories and concepts for interactive, digital, multi-platform storytelling and experience design that will take audience engagement to the next level.

Klaus Sommer Paulsen presents a bold new vision of what storytelling can become if it is reinvented as an audience-centric design method. His practices unlock new ways of combining story with experience for a variety of existing, new and upcoming platforms. Merging theory and practice, storytelling and design principles, this innovative toolkit instructs the next generation of creators on how to successfully balance narratives, design and digital innovation to develop strategies and concepts that both apply and transcend current technology.

Packed with theory and exercises intended to unlock new narrative dimensions, Integrated Storytelling by Design is a must-read for creative professionals looking to shape the future of themed, branded and immersive experiences.

part |16 pages


chapter 2Chapter 1|4 pages

Enter the new world of storytelling by design

chapter Chapter 2|1 pages


part I|46 pages


chapter 18Chapter 5|10 pages

The rise, fall and rise of the living story

chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

The concept of Integrated Storytelling

chapter Chapter 7|8 pages

The War of the Worlds

chapter Chapter 10|3 pages

The Integrated Storytelling check list

part II|28 pages


chapter 64Chapter 11|4 pages

The audience is the hero!

chapter Chapter 15|5 pages

From theory to practice: Structuring Micro Stories

part III|50 pages


chapter 92Chapter 16|4 pages

Audience layer compositions

chapter Chapter 17|2 pages

From theory to practice: Creating an audience code set

chapter Chapter 18|5 pages

Designing connections across audience gaps

chapter Chapter 19|3 pages

Designing a creator – audience connection script

chapter Chapter 20|7 pages

The audience and the Integrated Story Sphere

chapter Chapter 21|8 pages

The new roles of the audience

chapter Chapter 22|5 pages

Variations of the alien encounter

chapter Chapter 24|7 pages

Contextual audience design

chapter Chapter 25|2 pages

From theory to practice: Audience context

chapter Chapter 26|3 pages

Adjusting to a new audience mindset

part IV|12 pages


chapter 142Chapter 27|7 pages

The design of memories

chapter Chapter 28|3 pages

From theory to practice: Micro Experiences in sequence

part V|22 pages


chapter 154Chapter 29|15 pages

The Integrated Storytelling design dimensions

part VI|30 pages


chapter 176Chapter 32|10 pages

Creating Integrated Storytelling

chapter Chapter 33|9 pages

Testing Integrated Storytelling concepts

chapter Chapter 34|7 pages

Acknowledging the dark side of storytelling

chapter Chapter 35|2 pages

From theory to practice: Uncovering hidden agendas

part VII|42 pages


chapter 206Chapter 36|8 pages

Themed attractions

chapter Chapter 37|3 pages

CASE: Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

chapter Chapter 38|6 pages

Game design and beyond

chapter Chapter 39|2 pages

CASE: The Last of Us

chapter Chapter 40|3 pages

CASE: EVE Online: True Stories

chapter Chapter 41|5 pages

The new retail experience

chapter Chapter 42|4 pages

CASE: Søstrene Grene

chapter Chapter 43|6 pages

Integrated Storytelling for Modern Marketing

chapter Chapter 44|2 pages

CASE: Bleed for the throne

chapter Chapter 45|1 pages

Cases online

part |10 pages


chapter 248Chapter 46|8 pages

The future of the story experience

part |5 pages


chapter 258Chapter 47|3 pages

Storytelling is not what storytelling was