Studying architecture is hugely exciting and rewarding. It entails developing design skills, problem-solving abilities and tapping into creativity, as well as acquiring cultural, technical and professional knowledge. This book is the go-to guide for students throughout their architectural education. It introduces architecture students to all they need to know to get on an architecture course, thrive at school and be prepared for the realities of becoming a practising architect. Split into three main sections – Part I (BA or BSC in Architecture), Part II (Masters or Diploma) and Part III (Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice) – it offers direction on all aspects of an architectural education. These range from initial tutorials, the first crit and essay-writing through to the development of final project and thesis work. Covering all bases, it is a comprehensive guide for a student’s passage from university preparation through to undergraduate and graduate study and out into the profession. It features RIBA UK architecture schools and those validated overseas, as well as a short, final chapter on architectural education elsewhere in the world.



part 1|87 pages


chapter |26 pages

Getting to school

chapter |32 pages

First Year

chapter |28 pages

Second and third year

part 2|47 pages


chapter |18 pages

Year(s) out and working in an office

chapter |28 pages

MArch and Part 2

part 3|17 pages

Part 3

chapter |8 pages

Studying abroad

chapter |8 pages

Part 3