Organization and Management is an introduction to theories and contemporary practice in cross-border business management.

The book reviews the practice of management where a home-market approach no longer achieves and sustains success in an increasingly competitive global environment. Readers will learn about the experiences of companies in many industries operating in countries such as Argentina, China, Britain, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Poland, and the United States.

This book is designed for students taking introductory courses in organization, and international management. Through carefully developed case studies, exercises, and integrated text material, this book bridges theory and practice. The full colour layout of the book supports self-study, as well as group study and team work.

chapter |3 pages


part A|119 pages

Organisations and their environment

chapter 2|28 pages

Environmental influences

chapter 3|53 pages

Strategic management

chapter 4|33 pages


part B|146 pages

People and organisations

chapter 5|51 pages

Individual and teams

chapter 6|56 pages


chapter 7|34 pages


part C|167 pages

Structure and organisation

chapter 8|64 pages

Managing organisational processes

chapter 9|55 pages

Organisational structure and design