Economics and the Business Environment is directed at students who will be taking up managerial positions in trade and industry or in government. The economic environment of European companies is central to the book giving students a good impression of recent developments within the European economy.

The theories described enable students to:

  • calculate how much competition firms within a particular business sector are exposed to
  • analyze the current economic position of a particular country and make exchange rate prognoses
  • gauge the effect of the economic environment on business sales and profits.

Complicated analyses and mathematical models have been avoided as much as possible. Instead, diagrams and graphs illustrate the causal relationships between economic factors, making this book an ideal primer for those needing the basics of economics for their business degree.

chapter 1|12 pages

Economics and the business environment

part 1|74 pages

The company in the business sector

chapter 2|37 pages


chapter 3|34 pages


part 2|84 pages

The macroeconomic environment of companies

chapter 4|32 pages


chapter 5|20 pages


chapter 6|30 pages

The business cycle and policy

part 3|60 pages

The monetary environment of companies

chapter 7|25 pages


chapter 8|32 pages

Money and capital markets

part 4|105 pages

The international environment of companies

chapter 9|40 pages

International economic relations

chapter 10|37 pages

The foreign exchange market

chapter 11|25 pages

Country selection and country risk