'This book is an excellent addition to any business plan. Making a business plan is unambiguous and written in plain language. It also serves as a handy reference book when revising and/or rewriting a business plan. Worth mentioning are the numerous examples given in the book, particularly helpful since financial terminology can be difficult for beginning entrepreneurs. It also has a logical layout. The corresponding website is helpful and the downloads useful.'

Roel van der Beek, Product Management, Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

chapter Step 1|7 pages

Knowing yourself as an entrepreneur

chapter Step 2|9 pages

Developing your idea

chapter Step 3|11 pages

Setting up your business

chapter Step 4|14 pages

Researching your market

chapter Step 5|8 pages

Deciding on promotion

chapter Step 6|8 pages

Organizing your business

chapter Step 7|15 pages

Arranging your finances

chapter Step 8|9 pages

Implementing your plan