Originally published in 1994, this book enables primary school teachers to take steps to make Personal, Social and Moral Education (PSME) central to the work of their schools. Links to the National Curriculum are implicit and explicit throughout the book, and the author covers ways in which whole staffs are to be involved in the development of PSME. Case studies of good reflective teaching are taken from many curriculum areas and from rural and urban schools. The author draws out the lessons they impart with insight, precision and principle, emphasising the values of openness, encouragement, sensitivity and respect for the children and adults engaged in the development of personal, social and moral values.

chapter |15 pages

Introduction: A way in

chapter Chapter One|22 pages

A human box

chapter Chapter Two|23 pages

Talking about birth and death

chapter Chapter Three|18 pages

Jumping the steps: the child’s point of view

chapter Chapter Four|19 pages

Evil in return: Violence in schools

chapter Chapter Six|17 pages

Combating racism

chapter Chapter Seven|13 pages

Stories: talking about PSME

chapter |9 pages