Skateboarding and Femininity explores and highlights the value of femininity both within skateboarding and wider culture. This book examines skateboarding’s relationship to gender politics through a consideration of the personal politics connected to individual skateboarders, the social-spatial arenas in which skateboarding takes place, and by understanding the performance of tricks and symbolic movements as part of gender-based power dynamics. Dani Abulhawa anaylses the discursive frameworks connected to skateboarding philanthropic projects and how these operate through gendered tropes. Through the author’s work with skateboarding charity SkatePal, this book offers an alternative way of recognising the value of skateboarding philanthropy projects, proposing a move toward a more open and explorative somatic practice perspective.

chapter |15 pages


Getting connected to who you are

chapter 2|18 pages

Skateboarding and feminism

chapter 3|19 pages

Skateboarding physical culture

chapter 4|22 pages

‘Skateboard philanthropy’

A somatic practice perspective

chapter |7 pages


Skateboarding’s participation in the world beyond itself