Introducing Judeo-Persian writings, this original collection gives parallel samples in Judeo-Persian and Perso-Arabic script and translations in English. Judeo-Persian writings not only reflect the twenty-seven centuries of Jewish life in Iran, but they are also a testament to their intellectual, cultural, and socioeconomic conditions.

Such writings, found in the forms of verse or prose, are flavored with Judaic, Iranian and Islamic elements. The significant value of Judeo-Persian writing is found in the areas of linguistics, history and sociocultural and literary issues. The rhetorical forms and literary genres of epic, didactic, lyric and satirical poetry can be a valuable addition to the rich Iranian literary tradition and poetical arts. Also, as a Judaic literary contribution, the work is a representation of the literary activity of Middle Eastern Jews not so well recognized in Judaic global literature.

This book is a comprehensive introduction to the rich literary tradition of works written in Judeo-Persian and also serves as a guide to transliterate many other significant Judeo-Persian works that have not yet been transliterated into Perso-Arabic script. The collection will be of value to students and researchers interested in history, sociology and Iranian and Jewish studies.

part Part I|41 pages

Formation and history of Judeo-Persian

part Part II|79 pages

Samples of Judeo-Persian writings

chapter |17 pages

Biblical Epic Poetry

chapter |8 pages

Historical Poetry

chapter |7 pages

Lyric Poetry

chapter |17 pages

Vernacular Poetry

chapter |6 pages

Mystic Poetry

chapter |3 pages

Didactic Poetry

chapter |5 pages

Panegyric Poetry

chapter |2 pages

Satirical Poetry

chapter |5 pages

Literary Terms

chapter |4 pages

Rhetorical Arts

chapter |2 pages

Rhythmic Embellished Prose