Curriculum, or the substance of what is taught, is the core business of schools, and yet little exists in the way of a theory of curriculum for educators. This book sets out the principles of curriculum theory and provides a common framework and practical strategies for the successful implementation and effective management of powerful knowledge-based curriculum for all.

Offering powerful insights across the subject divides, the book explores the key elements of curriculum design including progression, sequencing, substantive and disciplinary knowledge, and the relationships of subjects to their sister disciplines. Providing a crucial foundation for school leadership, it covers:

  • curriculum in the contexts of learning, organisational culture and key philosophical and moral ideas
  • an explanation of thirteen specialist subjects, with outline mapping of the knowledge
  • an emphasis on the cultural elements needed for sustained excellence in curriculum work within schools
  • the codification of curriculum and the multiple values of documents for curriculum thinking and execution.

Enabling leaders to analyse and discuss subjects beyond their specialisms, this essential text will equip readers to implement real change by leading intelligently and effectively on curriculum.

chapter 1|8 pages


chapter 2|20 pages

Curriculum in context

chapter 3|36 pages

Curriculum theory

chapter 4|51 pages

The subjects

chapter 5|13 pages

The codification of curriculum

chapter |2 pages