"All steps forward in the improvement of the human psyche have been paid for by blood." Further to this statement from C. G. Jung, Wolfgang Giegerich’s third volume of Collected English Papers shows that the soul is not merely the innocent recipient or victim of violence: it also produces itself through violent deeds and expresses itself through violent acts. Beginning in primordial times with the ritual spilling of blood in animal and human sacrifice, a light was kindled within the darkness of what would otherwise have been mere biological existence, the light of consciousness, mindedness, and "the soul." And following upon this, in the clearance thus created, the soul attained new statuses of itself on the historic battlefields of war and revolution. First-order killings gave way to second-order killings, the killings of metaphysics and philosophy. Turning around upon itself (even as it violently engaged those adversarial others through whom its self-relation was mediated) the soul learned to self-critically cut into itself. It was in this way, as the inwardness of the blood that was paid out for it, that psychology emerged. Topics include ritual slaughter as primordial soul-making, shadow integration and the rise of psychology, blood-brotherhood and blood-revenge, the alchemy of history, Kafka’s "In the Penal Colony," child sacrifice, Islamic terrorism, and the animus as negation with special reference to Bluebeard.

chapter |41 pages


Psychology and the Other

part I|125 pages

Basic Concepts of Psychology: Child, Shadow, Animus

chapter Chapter Two|33 pages

First Shadow, then Anima, or The Advent of the Guest

Shadow Integration and the Rise of Psychology

chapter Chapter Three|57 pages

The Animus as Negation and as the Soul’s Own Other

The Soul’s Threefold Stance toward Its Experience of Its Other

part II|168 pages

The Foreignness of the Archaic Psyche

chapter Chapter Four|17 pages

The Sacrifice of Isaac and the Watershed of History

Preparatory and Methodological Remarks Concerning the Topic of Ritual Killings

chapter Chapter Five|77 pages


chapter Chapter Six|49 pages

Blood Brotherhood, Blood Revenge, and Devotio

Glimpses of the Archaic Psyche

chapter Chapter Seven|20 pages

Once More, the Reality/Irreality Issue

A Reply to Hillman’s Reply1

part III|78 pages

Psychology’s Place and Role in History

chapter Chapter Nine|62 pages

The Alchemy of History

part IV|21 pages

Reality Extra Animam

chapter Chapter Ten|19 pages

Islamic Terrorism