Educating Musicians for Sustainability explores the intersections of sustainability and music, investigating how sustainability affects the development and professional preparation of musicians while asking the question, ‘What does sustainability have to do with music?’ The volume presents a series of case studies organised according to an expanded view of the ‘four pillars of sustainability’, addressing cultural, environmental, economic, and social concerns. These case studies reveal a multitude of intersections, highlighting the crucial role music can play in raising awareness and overcoming the crisis of sustainability. In examining pedagogical and practical implications, aspiring musicians are encouraged to develop a broader view of the musical profession as a human endeavour, one that is intimately related to the world in which they live. Educating Musicians for Sustainability addresses the most pressing and serious problem of contemporary times – and seeks to inspire changes in attitudes and behaviour, for the benefit of all of humanity.

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|13 pages

Perspectives on Sustainability

chapter 3|11 pages

Cultural Sustainability in Music

chapter 4|12 pages

Environmental Sustainability in Music

chapter 5|12 pages

Economic Sustainability in Music

chapter 6|11 pages

Social Sustainability in Music

chapter 7|12 pages

Case Studies of Music and Sustainability

chapter 8|12 pages