Originally published in 1990, The Politics of Ethnic Pressure examines and evaluates the lobbying activities of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) between 1906 and 1917. The AJC worked to confront two specific problems: the outbreak of a series of programs against the Jews in Russia, and the campaign of the restrictionists in the United States who sought to impede the entry of the new immigrants from eastern and southern Europe. This book focuses on the lobbying activities of the AJC with respect to these issues, and puts forward key questions as to why they cared about the Russian problem, how they viewed their place within American society, and how they lobbied on behalf of their Jewish interests.

chapter |11 pages


chapter Chapter I|54 pages

The Need for Organization

chapter Chapter II|69 pages

The Speaker Prevails

chapter Chapter III|49 pages

The Hollow Victory

chapter Chapter IV|63 pages

The Defiant Taft

chapter Chapter V|33 pages

Wilson Triumphs

chapter Chapter VI|47 pages

Victories Amid Defeats

chapter |13 pages