From its creation in January 2012, The Scarcity and Creativity studio has developed a teaching method which reaffirms a commitment to architecture as a service to society, questions the idea of the individual creator in favour of collaborative design, and challenges the traditional master-student relationship.

This book documents the projects and in so doing, explains the practices and pedagogic methods which the studio has developed in relation to architecture education in general, and design build education in particular. Aimed at students, teachers and professionals who are exploring the possibilities of design build, the 16 built projects are fully documented in text, drawings and photos, and can be used as both inspiration and references. Projects are based in Norway, Finland, Chile, Ecuador (Galapagos), Kenya, South Africa, China, Argentina and Lebanon.

List of Illustrations  Foreword, Karl Otto Ellefsen  Introduction  PART I  1. Principles  2. Practice  PART II  3. Social Architecture  3.1. Eco Moyo Education Centre 3.2. Pumanque Community Centre  3.3. La Casa de la Mujer y la Diversidad  4. Testing Development Strategies  4.1. Public Space on Sørenga Bridge  4.2. New Rural Settlement Patterns in Nes  5. Collaboration and Communication, Social Skills   5.1. The Open City or Ciudad Abierta  5.2. Collaborating with Tianjin University, UED Magazine, and China Building Center  6. The Locality   6.1. The Bands, Sauna and Outdoor Facilities  6.2. The Wave, Public Performance Space  6.3. 2 x 2, Bathing Platform  7. When Things Go Wrong, Unpredictability, Serendipity, and Zemblanity  7.1. Flying Compression, Outdoor Eating Area  7.2. Galapagos, Scout’s Centre and Beach Shade Shelter  7.3. WolfHorse, Nomadic Art Space  7.4. SALT, Cultural Centre  7.5. Bourj al Shamali Refugee Camp, Public Space  7.6. Gratton School, Classrooms  Index