This book is a roadmap to help organizations adopt corporate responsibility and sustainability practices and be fit for purpose in a digital era. It explains why corporate responsibility is the only option in the twenty-first-century post-COVID-19 world, and guides readers through the process of transforming their organizations with continued reference to the importance of technology.

This is not a technical manual, and it is not an academic textbook: it is designed to be a quick, easily digested read. The first part looks at the current landscape – both of business and of the world in which it operates. The second part explains why corporate responsibility is the only realistic option for business in the twenty-first-century, post-COVID, and who needs to take responsibility for it. The third part is a step-by-step guide to putting principles into practice, covering: values, stakeholder engagement, employees, supply chain, environment, community, customers and marketing, and reporting and transparency. Each chapter is linked to relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals and supported by dozens of real-world examples.

By the end of the book, business leaders will have understood the scope of the challenge involved in leading a truly socially and environmentally responsible organization, and, crucially, will have understood why such a course of action is not only desirable but essential. And they will also have been inspired by a sense of purpose. The book offers direct access to the processes, insights, and techniques for installing corporate responsibility throughout organizations large and small, based on the author’s many years’ experience working in government and with successful large corporations. It is up-to-date and relevant, addressing the implications of COVID-19 and the modern technological “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

chapter 1|16 pages


part 1|70 pages

The good planet

chapter 2|7 pages


chapter 3|7 pages

The planet


chapter 4|11 pages

Sustainability and technology

chapter 5|14 pages

Sustainability in practice

chapter 6|19 pages

The new economy systems

chapter 7|10 pages

Finance and investment

part 2|40 pages

The good challenge

chapter 8|20 pages

The wake-up call

chapter 9|12 pages

Whose responsibility is it?

chapter 10|6 pages

What does it involve?

part 3|129 pages

The good process

chapter 11|14 pages

Define your values

chapter 12|6 pages

Start a dialogue

chapter 13|18 pages

Look after your people

chapter 14|13 pages

Be responsible for your supply chain

chapter 15|31 pages

Be responsible for your environment

chapter 16|18 pages

Plant roots in your community

chapter 17|16 pages

Revolutionize your marketing and service

chapter 18|11 pages

Be transparent