Beck's Cognitive Therapy explores the key contributions made by Aaron T. Beck to the development of cognitive behaviour therapy.

The book describes the development of the unique model of therapy developed by Professor Aaron. T. Beck and his daughter, Dr. Judith. S. Beck. The first part on theory explains how the Becks understand psychological problems. The second part on practice describes the main methods and skills that have evolved in cognitive therapy.

Updated throughout to include recent developments, this revised edition of Beck's Cognitive Therapy will be ideal for both newcomers and experienced practitioners.

chapter |4 pages


From Kraepelin to Beck to us

part I|74 pages


chapter 1|9 pages

Aaron. T. Beck

His life and the development of the principles of cognitive therapy

chapter 3|4 pages

Cognitive therapy addresses a variety of levels and types of cognition

We begin with Beck's discovery of ‘automatic thoughts’

chapter |2 pages

Conclusion to Part I

part II|74 pages

Points of practice

chapter 30|4 pages

Cognitive therapy aspires to be a unifying model

Both in terms of using concepts and skills from other therapies, and of offering them its own methods

chapter |3 pages

Concluding comments

Let's all raise a glass to Aaron ‘Tim’ Beck