This book asserts the emergence of the fourth era of entrepreneurship, based on a brain-driven approach to the study, instruction, and practice of entrepreneurship. This paradigm shift stems from the need to incorporate appropriate neurotechnologies into the exploration and enhancement of entrepreneurial phenomena in order to best address the field's methodological challenges. The author explains why a paradigm shift is necessary in the field of entrepreneurship and provides the foundational guidelines for those interested in implementing it. Furthermore, a model of entrepreneurial enhancement is conceptualized and signalled as the ultimate goal of this new era. Scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students interested in advancing entrepreneurship's contribution to academia, business, and society at large will benefit from this new era's multidisciplinary perspective and unique strengths.

PART I: The past and present of entrepreneurship   1 Introduction   2 The three preceding eras   PART II: The brain-driven era   3 The fourth era   4 The two engines of the brain’s era   PART III: Fitting themes and empirical evidence   5 Fitting themes   6 The function of emotions on entrepreneurial decision-making   PART IV: The techniques of the future   7 Techniques for recording and assessing brain activity   8 Techniques for mapping brain activity   9 Approaches for entrepreneurial enhancement   10 Techniques for entrepreneurial enhancement   PART V: Foreseen disruptions and key implications   11 Foreseen disruptions   12 Key implications PART VI: Research agenda and final thoughts   13 Research and action agenda for the near future   14 Final Thoughts