A survey examines American attitudes toward the Vietnam War and the experiences and ideas that turned most people against the war.

part Part One|72 pages

War Stress and its Aftermath

chapter Chapter One|35 pages

The Experience of War

chapter Chapter Two|34 pages

The Effects of War

part Part Two|94 pages

Views of the War

chapter Chapter Three|31 pages

Attitudes Toward the War

chapter Chapter Four|24 pages

Feelings about Our Allies and the Enemy

chapter Chapter Five|36 pages

Perceptions of Vietnamese Civilians

part Part III|121 pages

Perceptions of the Conduct of the War

chapter Chapter Six|38 pages

War Against Civilians and the Environment

chapter Chapter Seven|26 pages

The Use of Unnecessarily Cruel Weapons

chapter Chapter Eight|23 pages

Treatment of Prisoners of War

chapter Chapter Nine|31 pages

Perspectives on Individual Responsibility in War

part Part Four|32 pages

Vietnam and Beyond

chapter Chapter Ten|23 pages

The Political Legacy of Vietnam

chapter |6 pages