This is a comprehensive introduction to the social and cultural anthropology of South-East Asia. It provides an overview of the major theoretical issues and themes which have emerged from the engagement of anthropologists with South-East Asian communities; a succinct historical survey and analysis of the peoples and cultures of the region. Most importantly the volume reveals the vitally important role which the study of the area has occupied in the development of the concepts and methods of anthropology: from the perspectives of Edmund Leach to Clifford Geertz, Maurice Freedman to Claude Levi-Strauss; Lauriston Sharp to Melford Spiro.

chapter 1|24 pages

South-East Asia

A field of anthropological enquiry?

chapter 3|48 pages

Anthropology in the Period of Decolonization (1950–1970)

The American tradition

chapter 4|40 pages

Anthropology in the Period of Decolonization (1950–1970)

The European tradition

chapter 5|37 pages

Social and Economic Change

‘Peasants’ as part-societies

chapter 6|38 pages

Ethnicity, Identity and Nationalism

chapter 7|31 pages

Ecology and Environmental Change

chapter 8|27 pages

Gender and the Sexes

chapter 9|19 pages

Urban Ways of Life

chapter 10|13 pages