Inarticulate Longings explores the contradictions of a social agenda for women that promoted both traditional roles and the promises of a growing consumer culture by examining the advertising industry in the early 20th century.

chapter |10 pages


chapter one|38 pages

A Profile of the Ladies’ Home Journal

chapter two|29 pages


The Greatest Business in the World

chapter three|30 pages

Women’s Paid Work

Setting and Stretching Boundaries

chapter four|28 pages

Stoves for Women Votes for Men

The Journal and Women’s Political Involvement

chapter five|32 pages

The Amateur Rebel

Female Protagonists in Ladies’ Home Journal Fiction

chapter six|28 pages

Advertising Women

The J. Walter Thompson Company Women’s Editorial Department

chapter seven|31 pages

“Every Woman Is Interested in This”

Advertising in the Ladies’ Home Journal

chapter |6 pages