An examination of the varied paths of the American inter-city bus industry from its origins in the second decade of the 20th century to deregulation in 1982. This sector of transport has been much neglected by historians and this book seeks to uncover a range of useful and pertinent information to those who are interested in understanding entrepreneurial endeavours, patterns of mobility and consumer attitudes. It analyzes the development of the national industry, probes the growth of particular companies and investigates specific aspects of business behaviour. The work is presented as a series of focused essays which offer insights into such topics as regulation, marketing, gender patterns and intermodal competition. It draws on diverse archival materials, government surveys and findings, trade publications, interviews and photographs. A wide-ranging bibliographical essay offers a guide to available sources.

chapter 1|14 pages


part Part One|58 pages

Main Routes

chapter 2|15 pages

From Jitney to Giant

The Early Growth of Long-Distance Bus Transport in the USA

chapter 3|41 pages

Missing Connections

The Long-Distance Bus Industry in the USA from the Second World War to Deregulation

part Part Two|62 pages

Regional Highways

chapter 4|14 pages

Tracing the Hound

The Minnesota Roots of the Greyhound Bus Corporation

chapter 5|17 pages

Iowa’s Bus Queen

Helen M. Schultz and the Red Ball Transportation Company

chapter 6|29 pages

Minnesota’s ‘Mr Bus’

Edgar F. Zelle and the Jefferson Highway Transportation Company

part Part Three|84 pages

Alternative Avenues

chapter 7|17 pages

The Motor Carrier Act of 1935

The Origins and Establishment of Federal Regulation of the Interstate Bus Industry in the USA

chapter 8|19 pages

‘See this Amazing America’

The Long-Distance Bus Industry’s Use of Advertising in its First Quarter Century

chapter 9|14 pages

Not Rosie the Riveter

Women’s Diverse Roles in the Making of the American Long-Distance Bus Industry

chapter 10|32 pages

On and Off the Buses

1940s Images from New York 1

chapter |13 pages

Bibliographical Essay and Bibliography