Reporters in the newsroom are becoming more involved in computer-assisted reporting and online news research than ever before. This edition introduces readers to computer-assisted reporting and to describe how leading journalists are using personal computers for news gathering in modern print, broadcast, and online newsrooms. It provides a thorough discussion of technology and its applications to news reporting.

Computer Assisted Reporting focuses on the computerization of newsgathering, highlighting the fact that the computer assists journalists by making writing easier, and also makes gathering and organizing information more efficient. As it begins, the book demonstrates methods for journalists to get more from their computers, such as data retrieval, data analysis, information storage, and dissemination of that information in both processed and unprocessed forms. It concludes with a refined proposal, originally proposed in the first edition, for five stages for development of computer literacy in the newsroom.

part I|58 pages


chapter 1|30 pages

The Next Wave

chapter 2|26 pages

Using Personal Computers

part II|152 pages

Online News and Information

chapter 3|26 pages

Online Information

chapter 4|20 pages

Online and CD-ROM Databases

chapter 5|30 pages

Using the Internet

chapter 6|28 pages

Government Databases

chapter 7|24 pages

Accessing Public Databases

chapter 8|22 pages

Portable CAR

part III|48 pages

Elementary Information Management

chapter 9|28 pages

News Research

part IV|156 pages

Advanced Database Reporting Strategies

chapter 11|29 pages

Merging Data Analysis With News Stories

chapter 12|24 pages

Building and Editing Databases

chapter 13|26 pages

Spreadsheets and Basic Data Analysis

chapter 14|22 pages

Relational Databases and Mapping

chapter 15|24 pages

Statistics and Advanced Analysis

chapter 16|29 pages

Survey Research as CAR

part V|26 pages

Goals For Journalists

chapter 17|24 pages

The Computer-Literate Journalist