Concise Handbook of Mathematics and Physics presents a unified and coherent treatment of all the major aspects of modern elementary physics and mathematics. This complete text/reference includes definitions of fundamental notations and physical and mathematical quantities, formulas that express the laws of physics, axioms and theorems of mathematics, and more. The information is organized logically (instead of alphabetically) for better comprehension and quick, convenient access.
The book contains extensive cross-referencing between the mathematical and physical sections. reflecting the considerable overlap between these two areas of study and increasing the usefulness of this handbook. Fundamental concepts, theorems, and laws are demonstrated through numerous practical examples and tasks to help build problem-solving skills.

part I|206 pages


chapter Chapter 1|11 pages

Basic Notations, Formulas, and Concepts

chapter Chapter 2|19 pages

Sets. Real Numbers. Functions

chapter Chapter 3|24 pages

Equations and Systems of Equations. Inequalities

chapter Chapter 4|14 pages


chapter Chapter 5|38 pages

Elements of Calculus

chapter Chapter 6|5 pages


chapter Chapter 7|10 pages

Complex Numbers

chapter Chapter 8|18 pages

Vectors. Coordinates. Displacements and Symmetries

chapter Chapter 9|36 pages

Geometry. Stereometry

chapter Chapter 10|18 pages

Numerical Analysis

chapter Chapter 11|8 pages

Probability Theory

part II|270 pages


chapter Chapter 12|18 pages

Physical Quantities and Systems of Units

chapter Chapter 13|54 pages


chapter Chapter 14|40 pages

Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics

chapter Chapter 15|37 pages

Electricity and Magnetism

chapter Chapter 16|50 pages

Oscillations and Waves

chapter Chapter 17|38 pages


chapter Chapter 18|30 pages

Relativistic and Quantum Physics