In 1944 Moslem forces in China's westernmost province of Xinjiang rose against the Chinese authorities and succeeded in establishing a small independent Islamic state - the East Turkestan Republic. Based on newly available archival material, this book describes the Moslem challenge to Chinese rule and documents the Nationalist government's response to newly awakened Turkic-Moslem nationalism on China's most remote and politically sensitive north-western frontier. With this book, Linda Benson aims to break new ground in the study of Sino-Soviet relations and especially of the policies of Chinese governments toward their national minorities.

chapter Chapter 1|7 pages


chapter Chapter 2|9 pages

National Minority Policy in Republican China

chapter Chapter 4|25 pages

The Establishment of the East Turkestan Republic

chapter Chapter 5|37 pages

Xinjiang’s 1946 Coalition Government

chapter Chapter 6|26 pages

The Xinjiang Coalition, January to July 1947

chapter Chapter 8|8 pages