Twenty-five million Americans—nearly 9 percent of the U.S. population—rely on food pantries. Another 13 million aren’t linked to a food distribution network, and 14 million children are at risk of going hungry on any given day. Moreover, the faltering economy is increasing the number of American families that don’t know where their next meals are coming from.
<br><i>Breadline USA</i> treats this crisis not only as matter of failed policies, but also as a portrait of real human suffering. Investigative reporter Sasha Abramsky focuses attention on the people behind the statistics—the families caught up in circumstances beyond their control. <i>Breadline USA</i> is a vivid reminder of the fate to which many more Americans may be subject without urgent action.

chapter |20 pages


chapter One|28 pages

Driving to Hunger

chapter |5 pages

Interlude I

chapter Two|16 pages

When the Month Is Longer Than the Money

chapter |8 pages

Interlude II

chapter Three|21 pages

Trickle-up Poverty

chapter |5 pages

Interlude III

chapter Four|34 pages

Big-Box Special

chapter |4 pages

Interlude IV

chapter Five|19 pages

Elderly, Angry, and Looking for Work

chapter |4 pages

Interlude V

chapter Six|25 pages

Grapes of Wrath Regurgitated

chapter |6 pages

Conclusion: After the Fall