This book presents a comprehensive analysis of the legal and policy frameworks for marine fisheries management and examines the efficiency of the institutions responsible for the formulation, implementation and enforcement of marine fisheries laws and policies in Bangladesh.

Sustainable management of marine fisheries is a complex, multi-dimensional and multi-stakeholder process that entails sustainable use of marine living resources and conservation of marine biodiversity. Offering a critical analysis to these frameworks that play a crucial role in the conservation and management of fish stocks in areas within and beyond national jurisdiction, this book examines inadequacies and implementation gaps in the legislative, policy and institutional frameworks that contribute to the unsustainable exploitation of marine fish stocks in Bangladesh.

It recommends law and policy reform for conservation and sustainable management of marine fisheries in Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal.

chapter 1|23 pages


chapter 7|39 pages

Conservation and management of transboundary fish stocks through regional cooperation

A case study of Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal

chapter 8|14 pages

Conclusions and recommendations

Key lessons other countries can learn from Bangladesh's experience