Fully updated and revised, this seminal book explains and illustrates what photographs are, how they were made and used in the past and, more particularly, what their place is in the creative arts and visual communications world of today.

Paul Hill looks at photographs as modes of expression and explores the diversity of approaches taken when creating photographs and what these mean for a photographer’s practice and purpose. It emphasises the importance of contextualisation to the understanding of the medium, diving into the ideas behind the images and how the camera transforms and influences how we see the world. With an impressive collection of 200 full colour images from professional practitioners and artists, it invites us to consider the foundations of photography’s past and the digital revolution’s impact on the creation and dissemination of photographs today.

Essential reading for all students of photography, it is an invaluable guide for those who want to make a career in photography, covering most areas of photographic practice from photojournalism to fine art to personal essay.

chapter Chapter One|19 pages

Seeing and Thinking Photographically

chapter Chapter Two|21 pages

After the Shutter is Pressed

chapter Chapter Three|13 pages

Art and Communication

chapter Chapter Four|21 pages

How Photography is Used

chapter Chapter Five|19 pages

The Photographer as Witness

chapter Chapter Six|15 pages

Experiencing Beauty

chapter Chapter Seven|19 pages

In Search of Self and the Metaphor

chapter Chapter Eight|15 pages

From Printed Page to Gallery Wall

chapter Chapter Nine|19 pages

Radical Changes and the Imaging Future