This book identifies the impact of internal and external stakeholders on the implementation of sustainable development policies in the coal mining sector in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The book assesses what activities and conditions need to be improved so that sustainable development policies can be more effectively and efficiently implemented. With a specific focus on the hard coal and lignite mining sectors, it examines a broad range of case studies from Eastern European countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Germany, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, among many more. Beginning with an introduction to sustainable development and stakeholder theory, Part II then examines internal stakeholders, including owners, managers, employees and trade unions. Part III examines external stakeholders, touching upon those directly related to the mining industry, such as customers and mining enterprises, and those not directly associated such as local and regional communities and environmental organisations. The book concludes by proposing a model approach to the management of stakeholders involved in mining enterprises, focusing on improving the process of implementing sustainable development in the mining sector and strengthening the effects of this process.

This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of the extractive industries, natural resource management and policy and sustainable development.

chapter |4 pages


part I|41 pages

Introduction to research and considerations

chapter 1|19 pages

Sustainable development in mining enterprises

Fundamentals and main research results

chapter 2|20 pages

Stakeholder theory

From a theoretical to mining perspective

part II|83 pages

Internal stakeholders in SD of mining enterprises