Biomimicry, the practice of observing then mimicking nature’s strategies to solve business challenges, offers a path to healthy profit while working in partnership, and even reciprocity, with the natural world. Other books have described biomimicry, its uses, and its benefits. This book is the first to show readers how they can successfully bring biomimicry and bioinspired design into their companies based on what other businesses have already achieved.

Fashioned through storytelling, this book blends snapshots of five successful companies – Nike, Interface, Inc., PAX Scientific, Sharklet Technologies, and Encycle – which decided to partner with nature by deploying biomimicry. The book details how they discovered the practices, introduced them to staff, engaged in the process, and measured outcomes. The book concludes with challenges for readers to determine their own next steps in business and offers practical and useful resources to get there.

By revealing the stories of each professional’s journey with lessons they learned, then providing resources and issuing a challenge and pathway to do business better, this book serves as a tool for entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, and students to emulate nature’s brilliance, apply it at work, and contribute to a healthier, more prosperous world.

chapter 1|10 pages

Making a living

chapter 3|13 pages

What is biomimicry and why use it?

chapter 4|15 pages

Business from the wild – Interface, Inc.

chapter 5|11 pages

Spiraling into success – PAX Scientific

chapter 7|12 pages

The blackout and the bee – Encycle

chapter 8|11 pages

So what?

chapter 9|16 pages

Now what?

chapter 10|14 pages

One more thing

chapter |3 pages