Kristin Linklater is one of the most internationally recognised names in the field of voice training, and this volume explores her work and life whilst also putting her work into practice. Charting the development of Linklater's process, including her work at LAMDA, the Lincoln Centre, NYU, Columbia, and the KLVC on Orkney, the book provides a comprehensive overview of one of the world’s leading voice coaches.

This book contains:

  • A detailed biography of Linklater’s life, including her work with Iris Warren at LAMDA, as well as the founding of her own companies and the KLVC on Orkney
  • Detailed analysis of her key text, Freeing the Natural Voice and her work with Carol Gilligan on The Company of Women, an all-female Shakespeare company they co-conceived
  • A comprehensive set of exercises – several of these previously unpublished

This book offers essential reading and an invaluable practice handbook to the contemporary performer, voice teacher and actor trainer. As a first step towards critical understanding, and as an initial exploration before going on to further, primary research, Routledge Performance Practitioners offer unbeatable value for today’s student.

1. Biography in Social and Artistic Context  2. Summary and Analysis of Freeing the Natural Voice: Imagery and Art in the Practice of Voice and Text  3. Linklater’s Voice Work and the Company of Women  4. Practical Exercises