Clay Work and Body Image in Art Therapy provides an important addition to resources available in the field of clay work and art therapy, highlighting the unique sensory aspects of the medium and its ability to provide a therapeutic resource for women who experience body image issues.

Chapters offer a comprehensive distillation of current knowledge in the field of body image, clay work, neuroscience, and art therapy, building a theoretical framework around personal narratives. Case studies examine the benefits of exploring body image through clay work within art therapy practice, providing a positive and contained way to find personal acceptance and featuring photographs of clay body image sculptures created by research participants that highlight their individual stories and experiences. As well as offering both clinical and practical implications, the text provides a full protocol for the research and evaluation methods carried out, enabling further replication of the intervention and research methods by other therapists.

This book highlights clay work as a significant resource for art therapists, arts in health practitioners, and counsellors, providing an emotive yet contained approach to the development of personal body image acceptance and self-compassion. 

section Section 1|47 pages

Preparing the Ground — Digging for Clay

chapter 1|17 pages

Introduction and Context

Body Image, Art Therapy, and Clay Work

chapter 2|16 pages

The Distorted Mirror

Body Image, the Critical Mother, and Shame

chapter 3|12 pages

Making Connections

Metaphor, Evolution, and Neuroscience

section Section 2|85 pages

Vignettes and Case Studies — Shaping the Self

chapter 4|40 pages

Case Vignettes, Study One

Sessions One, Two, Three, and Four

chapter 5|17 pages

Case Studies, Study Two

Metaphor, Symbolism, and Body Image

chapter 6|15 pages

Case Studies, Study Two

Mothers' and Others' Influence on Body Image

chapter 7|11 pages

Case Studies, Study Two

Clay Work as Meaningful Play

section Section 3|44 pages

Protocol, Evaluation Methods, and Conclusions — Opening the Kiln

chapter 8|14 pages

Intervention Protocol

chapter 9|9 pages

Methods of Analysis

chapter 10|19 pages

Adding the Glaze

Finding Meaning and Healing through Metaphor and Symbolism