The Contemporary Relational Supervisor, 2nd edition, is an empirically based, academically sophisticated, and learner-friendly text on the cutting edge of couple and family therapy supervision.

This extensively revised second edition provides emerging supervisors with the conceptual and pragmatic tools to engage a new wave of therapists, helping them move forward together into a world of highly systemic, empirically derived, relational, developmental, and integrative supervision and clinical practice. The authors discuss major supervision models and approaches, evaluation, ethical and legal issues, and therapist development. They present methods that help tailor and extend supervision practices to meet the clinical, institutional, economic, and cultural realities that CFT therapists navigate. Filled with discussions and exercises to engage readers throughout, as well as updates surrounding telehealth and social justice, this practical text helps emerging therapists feel more grounded in their knowledge and develop their own personal voice.

The book is intended for developing and experienced clinicians and supervisors intent on acquiring up-to-date and forward-looking, systemic, CFT supervisory mastery.

part 1|63 pages

Understanding the Supervisory Process

chapter 3|14 pages

Getting Started

Readiness and Procedures

part 2|57 pages

Relational Supervision Practices

chapter 5|21 pages

A Closer Look at Supervision Formats

chapter 6|8 pages

Approaches to Supervision

chapter 8|13 pages

Supervision Based on Core Competencies

chapter 9|6 pages

Supervising Manual-Based Models

part 3|53 pages

Contextual Considerations

chapter 10|17 pages

Contextual Aspects of Supervision

Setting, Culture, and Self

chapter 11|12 pages

Legal Aspects of Relational Supervision

part 4|25 pages

Troubleshooting and Writing a Personal Philosophy of Supervision Paper