Teaching Costume Design and Costume Rendering: A Guide for Theatre and Performance Educators clarifies the teaching process for Costume Design and Costume Rendering courses and offers a clear and tested path to success in the classroom.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of the author’s twenty-five years of teaching as well as many decades of work by multiple other educators, this book provides a clear roadmap for teaching these two popular Theatre courses. It includes information on pedagogical theory, creating syllabi, preparing and structuring classes, crafting lectures, and analyzing students’ work, with a heavy focus on specific teaching projects that have been proven to work in the classroom. All aspects of teaching costume design and rendering are considered, including body awareness, cultural sensitivities, script analysis, elements and principles of design, psychology of dress, choosing fabrics, period styling, and requirements of dance costumes. Included in the appendices are sample syllabi and additional reading and research resources.

Teaching Costume Design and Costume Rendering is a guide for theatre and performance educators ranging from secondary education to undergraduate programs and graduate studies. It is a valuable resource both for costume educators approaching costume design and rendering classes for the first time and for experienced instructors looking for new material for these courses.

1. Overarching Concepts  2. Structuring the Class  3. Costume Design: The Class  4. Costume Design Projects  5. Costume Rendering: The Class  6. Costume Rendering Projects  7. Connecting Costume Design and Fashion History Classes  8. Costume Design and Dance  9. Mentoring Student Costume Designers