Originally published in 1961, Christianity Among the Religions examines whether it is possible to learn from other religions without compromising on personal religious loyalties.

The book traces from the thirteenth century the gradual awakening of the West to the spiritual qualities of other religions and the various efforts made to place them in relation to Christianity. It explores the reports sent home by Jesuit missionaries in China, the advance in knowledge in nineteenth-century Europe, and the gradual decline in Western "provincialism". In doing so, the book puts forwards suggestions for the relation between Christianity and other religions and calls for open conversations between representatives of different faiths with the aim of increased unity of spirit.

Christianity Among the Religions will appeal to all those with an interest in the history of Christianity and religious studies more generally.


chapter I|14 pages

Truth and Error

chapter II|8 pages

A Vision of Unity

chapter III|16 pages

The Impact of China

chapter IV|15 pages

Rationalism and Romanticism

chapter V|7 pages

The Way of the Absolute

chapter VI|12 pages

Counter-attack from the East

chapter VII|11 pages

The Turn of the Century

chapter VIII|13 pages

Philosophy in East and West

chapter IX|10 pages

Christianity and Indian Religions

chapter X|17 pages


chapter XI|11 pages

Towards a Conclusion

chapter XII|12 pages