Originally published in 1953, Bridge to Islam is a detailed study of the beliefs of Muhammad and his followers, exploring the relationship between the world of Islam and that of Christianity.

Drawing attention to the common beliefs between Islam and Christianity, the book examines the relationship between these two prominent religions and poses the argument that it is only through a proper appreciation of the differences in spiritual attitudes that a bridge of understanding and knowledge can be built between them. It traces the religious histories of different countries in the Middle East and assesses the position of Islam and Christianity in each one.

Bridge to Islam will appeal to those with an interest in the history of Christianity, the history of Islam, religious studies, and the Middle East.

chapter Chapter One|4 pages

A First Glimpse

chapter Chapter Two|22 pages

Islām, its Founder and His Message

chapter Chapter Three|7 pages

How Muslims Picture Muhammad Today

chapter Chapter Four|11 pages

Fundamentals of Islām

chapter Chapter Five|10 pages

Jesus in Islām

chapter Chapter Six|6 pages

Ideas Regarding Predestination and Sin

chapter Chapter Seven|9 pages

Religious Liberty in Islām

chapter Chapter Eight|22 pages

Interrelationship Between Islām and Christianity

chapter Chapter Nine|7 pages


chapter Chapter Ten|9 pages

Al Yaman, Aden and Hadramaut

chapter Chapter Eleven|6 pages

‘Omān and the Persian Gulf States

chapter Chapter Twelve|12 pages


chapter Chapter Thirteen|21 pages

Syria and Lebanon

chapter Chapter Fourteen|9 pages

Palestine and Transjordan

chapter Chapter Fifteen|15 pages


chapter Chapter Sixteen|6 pages


chapter |13 pages


chapter Chapter Eighteen|15 pages

The Bridge and Its Builders