Designed specifically for middle and high school educators, this guidebook clearly and thoroughly breaks down effective classroom-based interventions for students with ADHD. Chapters walk readers through each intervention, providing step-by-step implementation guides, describing potential pitfalls and offering critical tips and advice to help you ensure that your interventions are both culturally responsive and sustainable. Filled with helpful templates and tools, this book is essential reading for anyone who needs help creating effective, sustainable interventions for students with ADHD.

Section 1: An Introduction to ADHD  1. Introduction  2. A Neurobiological Disorder 3. Symptomology and Areas of Impairment Section 2: Interventions 4. Selecting Effective Interventions 5. Effective Classroom Management and Practices 6. Self Regulated Strategy Development 7. Self Management 8. Study Skills 9. Computer Assisted Instruction 10. Organization Training 11. Note Taking Skills 12. Behavioral Strategies 13. Home-School Communication Programs 14. Interpersonal Skills Group 15. Peer Tutoring Section 3: Conclusions 16. Bring it All Together: Integrated Challenging Horizon Program 17. Final Thoughts