This volume describes a Participatory Action Research (PAR) project involving educators from Belize and the U.S. to illustrate the critical role of shared dialogue in transnational teacher education.

First identifying issues which inhibited the success of formerly didactic training delivered to Belizean teachers by U.S. educators, this volume documents the transformational impact of a shift to collaborative training approaches and uses first-person accounts from Belizean and U.S. stakeholders to illustrate their successes. Chapters powerfully illustrate that by engaging in Freirean-like dialogue and building relationships based on a mutual understanding of the cultural and historical context, as well as the identity of educators involved, partners are better able to engage in effective transnational pedagogical collaboration. Particular attention is paid to the importance of acknowledging the post-colonial setting and unique positionality of teachers in Belize.

This text will benefit researchers, academics, and educators with an interest in action research and teacher research, multicultural education, and continued professional development in particular. Those interested in teacher training, education research, and international and comparative education will also benefit from this book.

chapter 1|7 pages

Belize Education Project

Professional Development across Cultures

section Section One|62 pages

Introducing the Study

chapter 2|11 pages

Sociopolitical Context of the Work

Colonialism and Its Impact on Culture, Identity, Education in Belize

chapter 3|23 pages

Interpersonal Context of the Work

Relationships as a Foundation for Transformation

chapter 4|26 pages

Participatory Action Research

Toward a Humanizing Approach

section Section Two|91 pages

Findings and Discussion

chapter 5|16 pages

Early Years

Promise and Problems

chapter 8|16 pages

Voices of Belizean Educators

Autoethnographies in Dialogue

section Section Three|14 pages

Implications for Research and Practice

chapter 9|12 pages

Looking Forward, Sharing Insights

Furthering Our Decolonizing Work and Notes to Kindred Spirits