This four-volume collection of primarily newly transcribed manuscript material brings together sources from both sides of the Atlantic and from a wide variety of regional archives. It is the first collection of its kind, allowing comparisons between the development of the family in England and America during a time of significant change. Volume 2: Making Families This volume provides a comprehensive examination of the process of creating a family, as well as some of the issues surrounding family breakdown. Documents are divided into sections covering courtship, marriage, sex and reproduction, childhood and parenthood. Gender roles are clearly defined in the source material, with documents offering specific advice to men and women.  This is Volume II.

part |131 pages


chapter |62 pages

Courtship Letters

part |105 pages

Singless, Marriage and its Dissolution

chapter |13 pages

Marriage and Property Relationships

part |82 pages

Childhood and Child Rearing

chapter |3 pages

Guardianship of Rebecca Elliot (1728)

chapter |8 pages

Education and Training