This innovative text shows why ethics is so important for social work practice, that it is not simply a way of defining and understanding what is good in practice, but is a means by which social work and other caring professions can actually achieve good practice.'

Professor Richard Hugman, University of NSW

This book integrates ethical theory and political philosophy into a clear yet challenging framework for ethical action in social work. Firmly grounded in practice examples, it will be of great interest both to students and practitioners in the field.'

Professor Sarah Banks, Durham University

In an increasingly fragmented and regulated world, the authors of Ethical Practice in Social Work argue that social work has become detached from its ethical roots. Their aim is to reinstate ethics as the driving force of good social work and welfare practice.

Ethical Practice in Social Work provides the tools to develop essential ethical decision-making and problem-solving skills. Taking an applied approach with case studies in each chapter, the authors demonstrate how ethical principles can be used to transform practice into an effective, inclusive and empowering process for both professionals and their clients.

They discuss the ethical principles social workers have traditionally adhered to, the role of the good social worker' in the contemporary context, professionalism, and the way in which ethics can be used to reconcile the often differing demands of employers, community groups, clients, the profession and their own personal values.

Ethical Practice in Social Work is a valuable professional reference and student text.

part Part one|70 pages

Challenges for ethical practice

chapter 1|27 pages

Social work in its environment

chapter 2|21 pages

Context of Professional practice

chapter 3|20 pages

What ethics?

part Part two|53 pages

Meeting the challenge—social work ethics

chapter 4|28 pages

Codes of ethics

chapter 5|23 pages

The purpose of social work

part Part three|67 pages

Social work ethics in practice

chapter 7|22 pages

Privacy and confidentiality 1

chapter 8|20 pages

Social control and toleration

part Part four|33 pages

Ethics—the source of power in social work

chapter 9|22 pages

Ethical decision-making

chapter 10|9 pages

Ethics: The source of power in social work