Learning in the workplace has come of age with the publication of this book. It shows the way for a new level of sophistication in the ways learning and work are treated. And it opens new territory for exploration in the world of learning throughout life.

David Boud, University of Technology, Sydney

Stephen Billett provides a comprehensive and practical model, well-grounded in theory and research, to guide learning in the workplace. This is a 'must read' for

those in vocational education and training.

Victoria Marsick, Columbia University

Learning does not stop when you leave school or tertiary studies, but continues throughout life. The workplace is now seen as an important learning environment, and businesses and government units are encouraged to become 'learning organisations'. This is all very well in theory, but how does learning actually occur in the workplace?

Drawing on research of a wide variety of workplaces in different countries, Stephen Billett analyses the strengths and limitations of 'on-the-job' learning. He outlines what knowledge individuals need and how they can best acquire this knowledge in workplace settings. He shows how to develop a workplace curriculum, and how it can be implemented in organisations of different sizes.

Learning in the Workplace offers a comprehensive pedagogy for the workplace. It is a valuable reference for human resource practitioners and students in courses on professional development and adult and vocational learning.

chapter |9 pages


part I|89 pages

Understanding workplaces as learning environments

chapter 1|28 pages

Working and learning

chapter 2|26 pages

Expertise at work

chapter 3|33 pages

Learning vocational expertise at work

part II|96 pages

Guided learning at work: A curriculum for the workplace

chapter 4|37 pages

A workplace curriculum model

chapter 5|35 pages

Guided learning at work

chapter 6|22 pages

Organising and managing workplace learning