A practical overview for health students and health professionals embarking on an applied research project using a qualitative approach.

Successful Qualitative Health Research offers a thorough introduction to the field, written in a very clear and concise fashion. Emphasising the rigorous approach required in health research, it provides a step by step guide to designing a research project using qualitative methods, and to collecting, analysing and presenting different types of data.

Hansen provides essential insights into the ideas and arguments underpinning different qualitative methods, and highlights the links between theory and practice. She also explains the importance of choosing the most appropriate form of data analysis. Each chapter features real life examples from experienced researchers from a wide range of health fields. These examples show how researchers have overcome common problems and offer inspiration and guidance.

Applied qualitative research is increasingly being used to explore a range of issues in health, both on its own and as an adjunct to quantitative research. This book offers a clear, no-nonsense approach that will be invaluable to students and professionals in nursing, medicine, allied health and public health.

'I strongly recommend this book to all those looking to undertake ethical and rigorous qualitative research in the field of health and health care.' - Dr Jon Adams, Director, Qualitative Research Laboratory, Faculty of Health, University of Newcastle

'From thinking about theory to writing for publication, this text covers a massive amount of ground in a fresh and dynamic way. It will enthuse the beginner and refresh the old hand . . .' - Associate Professor Jane Gunn, Research Director, Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne

chapter one|19 pages

Qualitative Research: An Introduction

chapter two|26 pages

Planning your Research

chapter three|30 pages

Research Design and Rigour

chapter four|18 pages

Observation and Participant Observation

chapter five|27 pages


chapter six|16 pages

Focus Groups

chapter seven|24 pages

Analysing Qualitative Data

chapter eight|18 pages

Writing Qualitative Research