The two-volume set studies the economic and industrial development of Japan and China in modern times and draws distinctions between the different paths of industrialization and economic modernization taken in the two countries, based on statistical materials, quantitative analysis and multivariate statistical analysis.

The first volume, Technological Innovation and Economic Development in Modern Japan, analyses the relationship between technological innovation and economic development in Japan before World War II. It sheds light on technological innovation in the Japanese context with particular emphasis on the importance of the patent system. The second volume, Industrial Development in Modern China: A Quantitative Analysis, examines the basic conditions and overall economic development of industrial development, chiefly during the period of the Republic of China (1912-1949). The author takes a comparative perspective, bringing the case of modern Japan into the discussion.

The set will appeal to academics and general readers interested in economic development and the modern economic history of East Asia, development economics, as well as industrial and technological history.

Volume 1 

Part 1: Preliminary Investigation  1. Topic and Outlook  Part 2: Characteristics of Innovation and Development  2. Structural Changes in Industrial Development: Tradition and Modernity  3. Industrial Development and Innovation: Technology Impetus and Demand Driver  4. Regional Nature of the Power Revolution  Part 3: Conditions for Innovation and Development  5. Human Resources: Analysis of Inventors  6. Market Structure: On Schumpeter Hypothesis  7. Technology Policy: Analysis of Patent System  Part 4: Cases of Innovation and Development  8. Case of Traditional industries: The Rise and Fall of the Rickshaw Industry  9. Case of Intermediate Industry: The Development of the Bicycle Industry  10. Case of Modern industries: The Rise of the Automotive Industry  Part 5: Concluding Remarks and Implications  11. Concluding Remarks and Implications 

Volume 2 

1. Industry in the Second Decade of the 20th Century: Based on the Analysis of Statistics Table of Agriculture and Commerce  2. Industry in the Hinterland in 1933: Based on the Analysis of Industrial Survey Report of China  3. Industry in Northeast China in the 1930s: Analysis Based on Statistics of Factories in Manchuria  4. Industry in North China from 1939 to 1942: Analysis Based on North China Statistics of Factories  5. Industry in the Rear Area During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression: Based on the Analysis of General Statistics of the Rear Industries: 1942  6. Industry in Cities: Nationwide, Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan  7. Mining Production during the Republic of China Period: Based on the Analysis of Mining Survey of China  8. Comparison of Industrial Development in China and Japan in the 1930s  9. Comparison and Summary