In this new kind of entrée to contemporary epistemology, Kevin McCain presents fifty of the field’s most important puzzles, paradoxes, and thought experiments. Assuming no familiarity with epistemology from the reader, McCain titles each case with a memorable name, describes the details of the case, explains the issue(s) to which the case is relevant, and assesses its significance. McCain also briefly reviews the key responses to the case that have been put forward, and provides a helpful list of suggested readings on the topic. Each entry is accessible, succinct, and self-contained. Epistemology: 50 Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Thought Experiments is a fantastic learning tool as well as a handy resource for anyone interested in epistemological issues. 

Key Features:

  • Though concise overall, offers broad coverage of the key areas of epistemology.
  • Describes each imaginative case directly and in a memorable way, making the cases accessible and easy to remember.
  • Provides a list of Suggested Readings for each case, divided into General Overviews, Seminal Presentations, and Other Important Discussions.

part Part I|52 pages

Nature of Knowledge

part Part II|60 pages

Limits of Knowledge

chapter 12|5 pages

Descartes' Dream (Dreaming Skepticism)

chapter 15|4 pages

You're Debased! (The Debasing Demon)

chapter 16|5 pages

Winning the Lottery (Lottery Skepticism)

chapter 18|4 pages

Hot or Cold? (Anti-Luminosity)

part Part III|53 pages


part Part V|48 pages

Puzzles and Paradoxes

chapter 42|5 pages

Ravens Paradox

chapter 43|5 pages

The Dogmatism Puzzle

chapter 44|5 pages

Sleeping Beauty

chapter 45|4 pages

The Surprise Quiz Paradox

chapter 46|4 pages

Knowability Paradox

chapter 47|4 pages

Moore's Paradox

chapter 48|5 pages

Lottery Paradox

chapter 49|4 pages

Preface Paradox

chapter 50|5 pages

The Proof Paradox