Written by pioneering experts in the field, More Than Miracles remains the authoritative text on solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT). The final work of the world-renowned family therapists and original developers of SFBT, the late Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, this comprehensive resource informs practitioners and students in how to apply this practical, internationally acclaimed approach.

With a new preface, this classic edition outlines the latest developments in the fields of family therapy, brief therapy, and psychotherapy training and practice. A succinct overview orients the reader to the current landscape of SFBT and provides three real-life case transcripts that illustrate the practical applications of SFBT techniques. The seminar format of the text allows readers to:

  • sit in on surprising psychotherapy sessions
  • eavesdrop on the authors’ commentary about the sessions
  • gain a comprehensive overview on the current state of SFBT
  • review and understand the major tenets of SFBT
  • learn specific interventions, including the miracle question and the reasons for asking it
  • understand treatment applicability
  • read actual session transcripts
  • understand the "miracle scale"
  • get insight into the unique relationship between Wittgenstein’s philosophy and SFBT
  • better understand SFBT and emotions
  • examine misconceptions about SFBT
  • and more

Suitable for both advanced practitioners and ambitious beginners, this book is the ideal resource for anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of the SFBT approach, the concepts that inform it, and the specific techniques that characterize its implementation.

chapter |14 pages

A Brief Overview

chapter |22 pages

I Feel Really Confused

chapter |24 pages

The Miracle Question

chapter |12 pages

The Miracle Scale

chapter |27 pages

The Friendly Stomach Discussion

chapter |10 pages

Don’t Think, But Observes

chapter |22 pages

My Real Self

chapter |9 pages

SFBT and Emotions

chapter |12 pages

Questions, Misconceptions, and Joys

chapter |1 pages