Now in its twelfth edition, Stage Management is the comprehensive go-to manual on stage management in all theatre environments.

Revered as the authoritative resource for stage management, this text is rich with practical resources, including checklists, diagrams, examples, forms, and step-by-step directions. In addition to sharing their own expertise, Stern and Gold have gathered practical advice from working stage managers of Broadway, off-Broadway, touring companies, regional, community, and 99-seat Equity waiver theatres. This new edition has been fully updated with new technology and best practices, including:

  • New websites for stage management tools and software
  • Updated Equity rules
  • Additional safety and emergency protocols
  • New voices from practicing stage managers in text boxes and case studies scattered throughout the book.

This practical guide is written for students of Stage Management in Theatre programs, as well as early career stage managers.

The companion website features paperwork templates, downloadable checklists, suggested readings, a list of websites and apps with today’s cutting-edge stage management technology, and a list of over 500 internships and apprenticeships available across the United States.

chapter 1|2 pages

What IS a Stage Manager?

chapter 2|14 pages

Characteristics of a Great Stage Manager

chapter 3|16 pages

Understanding the Script

chapter 4|16 pages

Scheduling and Company Rules

chapter 5|28 pages

Getting Acquainted with Your Theatre

chapter 6|12 pages

Running Auditions

chapter 7|9 pages


chapter 8|15 pages

Pre-Production/ First Rehearsal

chapter 9|29 pages

Rehearsal Procedures

chapter 10|8 pages

Working as a Team

chapter 11|13 pages

Running Props

chapter 12|13 pages

Supervision of Shifts

chapter 13|12 pages

Running the Technical Rehearsal

chapter 14|16 pages

Calling the Show

chapter 15|6 pages

Working with the House Manager

chapter 16|7 pages

After Opening

chapter 17|12 pages

Strike, Remounts, and Tours

chapter 18|18 pages

Emergency Procedures

chapter 19|9 pages

Working with Unions

chapter 20|17 pages

Stage Manager Resources

chapter 21|5 pages

Following Through

chapter 22|9 pages

Getting a Job

chapter 23|14 pages

High School Stage Management