Essential Tort Law for SQE1 explains the key principles of tort law in a clear, easy-to-follow style. Principles are introduced and illustrated with reference to practical examples. The book demonstrates the skill of client case analysis, taking a clear and structured approach to analysing the facts of a client’s case and then applying the relevant principles. It also includes a range of supportive features:

  • Revision points: Each chapter concludes with a concise list of key revision points.
  • Problem questions: To test understanding and analytical skills applied to practical scenarios. A companion website also provides suggested answers.
  • Multiple choice questions: Each section of the book provides multiple choice questions following the SQE1 question format (with answers to enable you to test your knowledge). Further multiple choice questions and answers are also provided on the companion website.

The first in a series of books aimed at those preparing for SQE1, this concise and accessible text provides a clear understanding of the tort element of SQE1 and enables you to test your assessment skills.

chapter |3 pages


part Part 1|13 pages

Introduction to claims and remedies in tort

chapter 1|11 pages

Harms, remedies, and client case analysis

part Part 2|20 pages

Trespass to land and to the person

chapter 2|7 pages

Trespass to land

chapter 3|10 pages

Trespass to the person

part Part 3|36 pages


chapter 4|6 pages

Negligence: duty of care

chapter 5|7 pages

Negligence: breach of duty

part Part 4|14 pages

General defences

chapter 7|12 pages

General defences

part Part 5|19 pages

Negligence: limited duty situations

part Part 6|15 pages

Remedies in tort

chapter 10|13 pages


part Part 7|19 pages

Employers' liability and vicarious liability

chapter 11|5 pages

Employers' liability

chapter 12|11 pages

Vicarious liability

part Part 8|20 pages

Occupiers' liability

chapter 13|9 pages

Occupiers' liability: visitors

chapter 14|8 pages

Occupiers' liability: trespassers

part Part 9|12 pages

Product liability

chapter 15|10 pages

Product liability

part Part 10|30 pages


chapter 16|15 pages

Private nuisance

chapter 17|5 pages

The rule in Rylands v Fletcher

chapter 18|6 pages

Public nuisance

part Part 11|16 pages

Protections for reputation and private information

chapter 19|8 pages


chapter 20|6 pages

Misuse of private information

part Part 12|84 pages

Client case analysis in tort

chapter 21|8 pages

Client case analysis skills in tort

chapter 22|37 pages

Key cases in tort law

chapter 23|10 pages

Problem questions

chapter 24|26 pages

Answers to multiple choice questions