Initially published in 1943. Akokoaso is a small village in the central province of the Gold Coast Colony, in the heart of the cocoa country. In this study the author presents his survey directed at the Gold Coast 'Middletown' during the period of 1932 to 5. The report covers the village and its inhabitants, their housing, occupations and family economy, moving onto the system of land tenure, the methods of cultivation and the value and yields of cocoa and other crops. The final section gives a statiscal analysis of costs of production and of earnings. Throughout is the emphasis is on the cocoa industry and its effect on every aspect of community life.

chapter |2 pages


part |53 pages

Part One

chapter Chapter I|7 pages


chapter Chapter II|5 pages


chapter Chapter III|3 pages


chapter Chapter IV|12 pages

Food Supply

chapter Chapter V|16 pages


chapter Chapter VI|10 pages

The Village Cash Account

part |29 pages

Part II

chapter Chapter VII|4 pages

Land Tenure

chapter Chapter VIII|4 pages

Cocoa, Cultivation

chapter Chapter IX|5 pages

The Cocoa Farms

chapter Chapter X|6 pages

Age & Yield

chapter Chapter XI|3 pages

Other Products

chapter Chapter XII|7 pages

The Farming Year

part Part III|11 pages

Cost of Production & Earnings

chapter Chapter XIII|5 pages

The Selected Farmers

chapter Chapter XIV|3 pages


chapter Chapter XV|3 pages

The Food Farms