Initially published in 1966. A study of the social and economic conditions of a small fishing village in Kelantan, on the north-east coast of Malay.  The study, from August 1939 to July 1940 is based on collaborations with the author's husband's investigations explores how the Kelantan people use their money, manage resources, their behaviour, how religion affects theie day to day lives, and their standard of living.

chapter Chapter One|16 pages

Conditions of Housekeeping

chapter Chapter Two|26 pages

The Position of Women

chapter Chapter Three|13 pages

The Importance of Rice in the Economy

chapter Chapter Four|27 pages

How Money is Spent Daily

chapter Chapter Five|7 pages

The Child’s Place in the Household

chapter Chapter Six|25 pages

Shopping and Marketing

chapter Chapter Seven|19 pages

Planning on a Larger Scale

chapter |5 pages