This important ethnographic study explores the world-view of the Lohorung Rai, a hill tribe of about 3,000 members living in Eastern Nepal. These rice farmers have a tradition of migration combined with hunting and gathering. By examining Lohorung concepts and their discourse on self and emotion, this book explores the way in which ancestral influence dominates the daily lives and rituals of the Lohorung. It explores the ‘other world' of the Lohorung within which their concepts about the nature of the person and the natural world can be understood.This study will be relevant not only to Himalayan experts but to all anthropologists interested in culture, self and emotion.

chapter 1|17 pages

Theories in my Boots

chapter 2|21 pages

Pangma People

chapter 3|18 pages

The Ancestors are Angry

chapter 5|34 pages

Knowledge of the Past for the Present

chapter 6|36 pages

Lohorung Houses: Saya and Nuagi

chapter 7|50 pages

The Person and the Cycle of Life