First published in 1939 and long out of print, this book remains unique as the only full and detailed account by a social anthropologist of a complete pagan Polynesian ritual cycle. This new single-volume edition omits some of the Tikopia vernacular texts, but includes a new theoretical introduction; postscripts have also been supplied to some of the chapters comparing the performances of 1928-9 with those witnessed by Professor Firth on his second visit to Tikopia in 1952. There is a specially written Epilogue on the final eclipse of the traditional ritual, based on a third visit by the author during the summer of 1966.

chapter Chapter I|7 pages


chapter Chapter II|18 pages

The Traditional Political System

chapter Chapter III|9 pages

The Nature of the Economy

chapter Chapter IV|18 pages

The Major Products: Rice

chapter Chapter V|21 pages

The Major Products: Rubber and Fruit

chapter Chapter VI|4 pages

Saving and Capital

chapter Chapter VII|14 pages

The Decline of the Traditional Political Organization

chapter Chapter VIII|10 pages

Some Recent Adat Disputes

chapter Chapter IX|33 pages

Family and Domestic Groups (1)

chapter Chapter X|8 pages

Family and Domestic Groups (2)

chapter Chapter XI|24 pages

The Village, Status and Social Stratification

chapter Chapter XII|8 pages

Economy and Society